VR - attractivité numérique
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France’s cultural appeal through digital technology

The Institut français supports innovators and promotes creativity using digital mediums. It contributes to the international promotion of French talent and expertise, and uses digital technology to serve cultural dissemination.

Digital technology is a strategic priority for the Institut français: it is at once a vector for sharing culture, a cultural subject in its own right and a new creative tool. For years now, French professionals have created, invented and deployed unprecedented skills and knowledge, the innovation, creativity and uniqueness of which are recognised throughout the world, at the intersection of these three aspects.


The Institut français supports the many talented French digital artists (creators of video games, new audiovisual narrative styles, augmented reality, innovative books and more) by helping them publicise their creations and develop their activities and collaborations internationally.


It also designs digital tools, services and offerings to support its mission of promoting French culture, language and ideas, including a platform for downloading French films, a social network for French teachers abroad, online media libraries for access to the French media, music and literature around the world, and more.