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How can I publish news on the website ?

The publication of news is reserved for "members of the French diplomatic network". Once your professional account has been created and approved, log in by clicking "Log in" in the top right corner of the website.

Click "My Account" to display the drop-down menu, then click "Network News". You then access the site's Back Office. Click on "Create new network news".

Then complete all the requested fields:

- The "title" field is required.

- The "establishment" field is required. It is filled in automatically with the institution you selected when creating your professional account. If you have changed establishment, you must first change this information in the "My Profile" section. You must then return to the "Create a new network news" page where the "establishment" field will have been automatically updated.

- If you want your news item to be visible in the "French culture in the world" map, fill in the "start date" and "end date" fields. News whose dates have passed or were not entered will not be displayed on the Map. However they will still be visible in the "Network news feed".

- You can select up to 3 “topics” which describe your news. Click on the small grey cross to the left of the "topic". This displays the list of related “sub-topics”. Finally, check the box which best matches your news.

- The "short description" field is not mandatory. It is limited to 280 characters.

- The "external link" field is mandatory: we recommend you provide a page which offers more information about your news.

- Finally, click "Save". This saves your news without posting it. To publish your news and make it visible on the website: select the "published" box, then click "Save".

- You can then edit and update the news you have created. Click on "Admin Institut français", then "Network News". You will then see all the news created on the site. The news created by other members of the network will be visible but you will not be able to edit it. Another network member will not be able to edit news you have created. To edit a news item which you created, click "Edit".

To return to the site, click on "Back to site" in the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page.

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