The Seasons

Does labelling involve funding?

No, these are two separate questions. Labelling is the registration of your project in the official programme. It does not grant any right to funding from the Institut français, the Sponsors’ Committee if one exists or any other partner.

Depending on their format, not all Seasons have equal sources of funding, and not all receive any private funding.

Any requests for financial support must be sent to the Institut français and the General Commission at the time of submission of the labelling form. The decision to allocate financial support is the responsibility of the General Commission, the Institut français and the partner country, according to guiding rules and jointly defined criteria.

In any case, any support granted by the Institut français related to the Seasons is not in the form of grants, but rather as “project aid” (paid for a service provided and on submission the expense receipts) which is intended to ensure a certain level of financing for a project leader. This support is earmarked for very specific items of expenditure which meet the administrative rules to which the Institut français is subject as a public institution. They are subject to contracts which very precisely set out the obligations of the project holder receiving the aid, in particular regarding communication, compensation and justification of expenses.

Under no circumstances may the Institut français be the producer of an event and therefore finance it in its entirety.

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