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What logos do I have to use and where can I get them?

You have received an official labelling letter following the approval of your request. This letter tells you how to obtain the logos you are required to include in all the documents you publish about your project.

These logos, which are presented in indivisible blocks, are mainly of two types:

  • institutional logos (the logos of the Institut français and its associated ministries, the foreign operator and its associated ministries) and logo of the Season, to which you are asked to grant priority position in your communications;
  • the logos of the Sponsors Committee (which you are contractually obliged to include in your communications if you have received financial support).

Depending on the case, you may also be asked to affix the logos of the partners of the Institut français (the local authorities providing additional financial support) or those of institutions or sponsors from the partner country.

The Institut français Seasons Division Communications Department is at your disposal to answer any further questions (contact).

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