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the French cultural network abroad

The Institut français works in close collaboration with the wide network of Cultural Services of the French Embassies, Instituts français and Alliances françaises around the world.

The Institut français supports the development of cultural and linguistic professions and contributes to the skills development of people working within the French cultural network abroad, in a desire to promote a cross-disciplinary approach to professional practices. To this end, it organises training courses in France and supports the organisation of training courses worldwide initiated by the French cultural network.


To support its digital development, the Institut français offers online language services and training. It assists the work of its media libraries as they adapt to technological developments.


The Institut français also supports the digitisation and modernisation of the network's cinemas through a range of programming, including cultural events and education.


Finally, the Institut français offers the French cultural network abroad its expertise in educational, cultural and linguistic engineering and contributes to its members’ understanding of the cultural and artistic scene in France and abroad.