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Emmanuelle de Héricourt

  • France
From 21 August 2021 to 28 August 2021
Emmanuelle de Héricourt is laureate 2021 of the VR writing residency Institut français - Les Ailleurs Arles.


After studying graphic art at Émile Cohl school in Lyon, Emmanuelle de Héricourt directed animated films and video works for broadcasts at contemporary art centres and festivals in Paris, Berlin, Cologne, New York and Toronto. Under the name of EDH, Elle compose plusieurs albums sur les labels Active Suspension, Le Son du Maquis, Matte Black Editions et Cheap Satanism. Between 2008 and 2018, she co-directed with Élise Pierre, Lentonia Records, a label dedicated to women composers in the field of electronic music.

She co-directed with Anthony Keyeux the participatory electronic music show Forrrrrrrest for Gaité Lyrique. She joins the contemporary dance company Kokeshi and also works on sound installations dedicated to young audiences for cultural institutions such as the Philharmonie de Paris as well as for the school environment.

Residency Project

Vacuum is a multiplayer experience in virtual reality inviting to create organic and sound entities. Each participant, through its personal creations, takes part in the birth of giant polymorphic creatures that gradually populate the sky.


In an organic world, suspended in a space playing with gravity, the participants must, like a doctor Frankenstein, assemble parts of bodies scattered in the environment. They can modify the physical attributes as well as the sound manifestations, creating beings of flesh and sound. Each body has its own musicality. The experiment proposes to create beautiful and monstrous, and to switch the participants to organization or chaos via the manipulation of the living. Virtual reality is a medium engaging the user in an intimate relationship, promoting attachment, empathy or rejection of the creator in front of his creature.


Each creature, like a birth, eventually detaches itself from its creator. It reinforces a new body formed by the fusion of all creatures made by the present and past participants. This new polymorphic entity in turn detaches itself and joins other entities inhabiting the sky, archiving everything that has been created since the launch of the experiment.

Vacuum, Emmanuelle de Héricourt
© Emmanuelle de Héricourt