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France-Portugal Season 2022

French professionals / Foreign professionals
In a decision by the French President and Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa during Emmanuel Macron's official visit to Lisbon in July 2018, the France-Portugal Season will be held simultaneously in the two countries between mid-February 2022 and October 2022.
Initially scheduled between July 2021 and February 2022, the dates of the France-Portugal Season have been postponed due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19.

This crossover season, which will symbolically make the link between the rotating Presidency of the European Union exercised by Portugal in the first half of 2021 and that of France in the first half of 2022, will be an opportunity to highlight the closeness and friendship between our two countries, embodied in particular by the presence in France of a very important Portuguese community, and in Portugal by a growing number of French expatriates, two dynamic, mobile and active communities, which constitute an exceptional human and cultural link between our two countries.

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Terms and conditions

In order to submit a project, you must already have an identified Portuguese partner. 


As the Institut français cannot act as a broadcaster or film maker, producer or programmer, persons wishing to present a project in Portugal (artists, researchers, teachers, chefs, entrepreneurs, etc.) must also be supported by a French project sponsor (organisation, company, etc.) and a Portuguese project sponsor.


Projects submitted for approval by the Joint Organising Committee must meet at least one of the criteriadefined in the editorial line of the General Commissioners, namely:

- Equality: the France-Portugal Season should showcase women artists, authors, scientists, athletes, entrepreneurs and cultural professionals from our two countries.

- Difference: the Season should be inclusive and informative about the many positive things that difference can mean, and present projects from all generations, representing diversity and aimed at all audiences. It should also promote art, science and technology in all their forms in order to unite and to share emotions.

- Ocean: our shared ocean will be central to the France-Portugal Season in discussions of biodiversity, renewable energies, climate change, underwater archaeology and the blue economy, with scientists, artists and all those inventing solutions for our planet.

- Europe: France and Portugal wish to jointly showcase their vision of a Europe and European citizenship that willingly champions culture, science and education, by supporting co-productions with other European countries or French-Portuguese proposals in other European countries.

- French-speaking countries and dissemination of the Portuguese language: the Season aims to include and introduce those who speak Portuguese and French beyond our borders and who form an artistic and scientific community that connects Europe to the rest of the world.


Aside from these criteria, priority will be given: 

- to co-creations with Portuguese partners, or original creations bringing French and Portuguese people together (any broadcasting, in the strict sense of the term, of material will not be selected);

- to projects arising from a dialogue already established with identified Portuguese partners;

- to projects that highlight the shared heritage of France and Portugal in architecture, literature, science, history, etc.; 

- to projects that reflect a co-created programme and are co-curated or co-artistically or scientifically directed by French and Portuguese partners. 


Finally, the Joint Organisation Committee will pay particular attention to the territorial network, namely projects presented outside the two countries’ capital cities.


If your project meets these criteria, please contact the French General Commissioner (see contact details at the bottom of this page) by sending a preliminary project that must include at least:

- a short presentation of your organisation (+ contacts)

- the name of the Portuguese partner organisation (+ contacts)

- the dates of your project

- a detailed description of your project


Based on this information, and if your project does indeed meet the criteria specified above, the French General Commissioner will contact you and may invite you to formally submit an approval request via an online form from mid-january 2021, following procedures that will then be sent to you (in particular, you will be asked to share a provisional budget for your project, with balanced revenue and expenditure). The Portuguese General Commissioner will contact your partner, who will also be asked to submit online.

This project will then be presented at one of the Joint Organisation Committees (see schedule below), which will decide on approval.


Please note that approval in no way entails the allocation of financial support from the General Commissioners, the Institut français or its partners. This is conditional upon the interest the General Commissioners have in your project, its compliance with the criteria specified above and approval by the Season's Joint Organisation Committee.


Provisional schedule (2019-2021)


-1st Joint Organisation Committee: from 16 to 19 December 2019 

-2nd Joint Organisation Committee: from 10 to 18 December 2020 

-3rd Joint Organisation Committee: from 3 to 9 March 2021

-4th Joint Organisation Committee: from 17 to 21 May 2021

-5th Joint Organisation Committee: from 5 to 9 July 2021

-6th Joint Organisation Committee: from 18 to 22 October 2021 


Please note that the online project submission form that will be sent to you by the French General Commissioner must be completed two to three weeks before the date of a Joint Organisation Committee, shown above. This information will be sent to you by the French General Commissioner if your preliminary project is pre-selected.

The Portuguese General Commissioner will also ask your local partner to submit an approval request in Portuguese. 


Online project submission deadlines: 

-For the 1st and 2nd Joint Organisation Committee: no project submissions

-For the 3rd Joint Organisation Committee: 17th February 2021

-For the 4th Joint Organisation Committee: 25th April 2021

-For the 5th Joint Organisation Committee: 13th June 2021 

-For the 6th and last Joint Organisation Committee: 3rd October 2021 


To find out more about approval requests as part of the Seasons:


Contact us


To contact the French General Commissioner of the France-Portugal Season, please use one of the following addresses according to your project’s principal discipline:



-Cultural and creative industries (current and jazz music, video games and audiovisual:

-Live performance (theatre, dance, circus, classical and contemporary music):

-Visual arts, Heritage, Architecture, Design:

-Economy, Innovation and Digital: 

-Lifestyle (gastronomy, fashion, design, tourism):

-Education, Higher education and Research: 

-Books and Debate of ideas: 



For multidisciplinary projects and any general questions, please use the address:

General Commission

  • President: Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota
  • Victoire Bidegain di Rosa, General Commissioner for the French section
  • Manuela Júdice, General Commissioner for the Portuguese section 


France and Portugal have known each other well for a very long time. 

The Season will therefore focus on showcasing the excellence of our artists, thinkers, scientists and entrepreneurs with a view to strengthening, or even renewing, the foundations of our cooperation in priority areas for the youth of our two countries: preservation of the environment, renewable energies, a responsible economy, minimum urban planning and alternative agriculture etc. in order to show that together we are better equipped to invent solutions to the challenges of our time.

As forerunners and heirs to European humanism, France and Portugal share a common vision of the challenges and future of the continent. Our two countries want a stronger, more united and fairer Europe and are aware of the urgent need to decide and act. In particular, they share the idea that a more inclusive Europe strengthens innovation, education, research and culture aided by the mobility of researchers, students, artists and creators, and the assurance of their active participation.  

The Season will thus be an opportunity to talk about Europe and integration, the values of inclusion, parity and equality that we share, and of course culture and heritage from the perspective of new technologies and the cultural and creative industries (ICC).

In our current ecological emergency, our two countries share the view that building the future also involves valuing the oceans. Particular attention will be paid to research and science, particularly around the theme of oceans.

Finally, the France-Portugal Season will address language and mixed-race issues through speaking French and Portuguese.