Mise en œuvre des stratégies numériques
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Implementation of digital strategies

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From 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022
Following on from the actions implemented in 2021, the Institut français is developing a service to support understanding of digital environments, particularly in terms of expertise and training.

Developing the digital expertise of the Institut français and Alliance Française 

The digital transition of the cultural network has shaken up practices and demonstrated the need to integrate digital technology into the long term strategy of institutions in order to offer an optimal experience to their users and to position itself on the digital education market. Faced with these developments and the challenges they present, the Institut français has deployed a series of programmes and measures to support the strategic action of the cultural network. 

Thematic programmes

  • Support for the development of digital marketing strategies

The "digital marketing" training cycle combining webinars, participatory workshops and the provision of practical resources, which ended in February 2022, contributed to the development of knowledge and skills in digital marketing among the network. All of the resources are available in the "Language Centres" sphereof the Whaller collaborative platform.


  • Support for the deployment of software tools

Since February 2022, the Institut français has established support for the deployment of software tools for course centre activities. This support takes the form of a dedicated collaborative space on Whaller.

A series of distance learning courses for course centre supervisors will be offered in this space from April 2022. 


  • Support for the deployment of co-modal education

In response to the challenge of diversifying the course provision, since January 2022 the Institut français has been offering a programme to support the deployment of co-modal teaching in 4 pilot countries: Brazil, Italy, Poland and Morocco. The results of the programme will be published for all schools in the network and a "feedback" exchange session will be organised for all the Posts.

Methodological resources

  • production of practical tools for language centres (2nd half of 2022):
  • an audit report on data security and compliance with the GDPR by the main course centre software publishers;
  • a methodological guide for the creation of an attractive and profitable digital offering, adapted to audiences (analysis of the needs and expectations of audiences, definition of the offer, promotion and communication of the offer).


Launch of a Metaverse/NFT working group

In March, the Institut français launched the constitution of a cross-disciplinary working group on the topics of the metaverse and NFTs

The short-term objective of this working group is to provide members of the cultural network with resources on these topical subjects. 

Training, a strategic tool for the network

In order to support the digital transformation at a vocational level, the Institut français deploys a wide range of training courses each year for the staff of the French cultural network abroad, and offers different methods of intervention: distance learning, webinars, digital workshops, geographical workshops/training support plan, private online courses in the SPOC format (a tutored digital educational system). 

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