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Providing high-performance digital tools

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From 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022
The Institut français is upgrading its digital services in 2022, to guarantee a quality digital working environment for network members. The user pathway will be made clearer and more accessible.

A catalogue of software solutions

During the 2020 lockdown, the network's various teams had to identify software solutions that could adapt to the new requirements of their working environment. To meet network expectations, the Institut français is now offering a software solutions reference catalogue that explores the various functionalities and applications of a diverse range of digital tools.

This catalogue aims to simplify appropriation of the software on offer and to optimise the cultural and linguistic activities of the network members.

This tool is intended for all SCAC, Institut français and Alliance française staff, covering all departments, functions and professions. It will be released during the AIF in July 2022.

An online resource for the network

To promote the centralisation, accessibility and legibility of the Institut français' content, the professional area on the website will evolve into a resource exclusively dedicated to network members.

The online resource will help network members understand the Institut Français' digital environment by offering new features: 

  • Restricted access solely for users with a "Member of the diplomatic network" account;
  • A customisable dashboard that can be adapted to users' needs (themes, calendar, newsletters);
  • A navigation tool to help users get to grips with their new dedicated resource (video tutorial, step by step, FAQ);
  • A calendar providing an overview of useful information (calls for applications, offers, highlights);
  • A directory (IF Paris and network) with two lists of exhaustive contacts to facilitate networking and exchanges with the network (a directory of contacts at the Institut français in Paris with names, job titles, projects, emails, telephone numbers and a network directory with details provided by users when they register);
  • An improved "resource centre" with tools that allow users to download and share content from the website.    

This online resource is aimed at members of the French diplomatic network. These new features will be made available progressively from July 2022 to January 2023.

Deployment of a discussion and sharing platform (Whaller)

In order to ensure its mission to support establishments and encourage the implementation of a collaborative dynamic of the cultural network, the Institut français has launched a collaborative digital resource on the Whaller platform.

This system, run by the Institut français teams and open to all network managers, is a platform for exchange and sharing through a range of functions: toolbox, videoconference meetings, calendar, directory and private messaging.

The tool is organised into "spheres" based on the network's needs:

  • "thematic" spheres, to address the issues of the cultural network's institutions by profession or sector: the "Language Centres" sphere, the "Culturethèque" sphere, the "Books and Media Libraries" sphere, the "Network Communicators" sphere and the "Course Centre Software Environments" sphere.
  • "project" spheres, to encourage co-production according to geographical and/or thematic logics and to facilitate project management: the "Educational resources - Reading to learn" sphere, and the "Strategies for French professionals" sphere.

In each sphere, there is a "Files" area, including the Quality Procedure Toolbox.