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From 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022
Pour accompagner les établissements du réseau dans leur programmation, l’Institut français met à leur disposition un grand nombre de ressources culturelles numériques, et s’attache à renforcer l’offre existante.


Through the IFcinéma platform, the Institut français provides the network of French cultural establishments, its partners (festivals, media libraries, cinemas, film clubs, etc.) and teachers with three film catalogues (French films, African films, alternative content). IFcinéma offers approximately 1500 French films and 650 films from the Cinémathèque Afrique, with current broadcasting rights.

This provision of these catalogues allows the organisation of public, non-commercial screenings, sourced from downloads or physical media.

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IFcinéma à la carte

To compensate for the closure of cinemas during the health crisis, the Institut français launched a selection of films offered online for free in June 2020.

Following its success, IFcinéma à la carte was extended in June 2021. In total, 245,000 people have already benefited from IFcinéma à la carte. In 2022, the selection is offered in the form of two annual events, in June and December. See you from 1 to 30 June for a summer edition of IFcinéma à la carte.

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For nearly 10 years, Culturethèque has existed as the digital library developed by the Institut français for the French cultural network abroad. The platform is available in geolocalised country interfaces, making it possible for agents to edit the interface and translate it into the language of their choice.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, use of the Culturethèque platform has increased considerably, with 520,000 unique users and more than 9,300,000 pages consulted in 2021.

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La Collection

The Collection, presented in the form of two catalogues per year, draws on current events in contemporary creation and brings together turnkey offers, easy to distribute and modular in format, in the fields of Visual Arts, Architecture, Town Planning and Landscape, Digital Arts, Cinema, Dance, Design, Circus Arts, Street Arts, Puppetry, French Language, Books, Theatre and Music. The Summer/Autumn 2022 Catalogue brings together more than 80 partner institutions to identify and select over 100 proposals.

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IFdigital is the website dedicated to French digital creation: digital art, immersive experience, video games, innovative books, cultural mediation and education and web creation. Its aim is to encourage international exposure of these particularly dynamic and innovative sectors in the French cultural and creative industries. Entirely bilingual in French and English, If digital currently lists 285 creations and 202 professionals.

IFdigital is not a turnkey offer, programmed works are subject to copyright.  

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Novembre Numérique : la fête des cultures numériques

November Numérique aims to encourage access to new technologies for all and to promote the extraordinary diversity of French digital creation. The 2021 edition attracted participants from 5 continents, 80 countries and 140 cities.

Find out more about November Numérique: the festival of digital cultures


Escape, a journey to the heart of digital cultures exhibition

In 2021, the Institut français has enriched its offer with a new exhibition dedicated to digital cultures: Escape, a journey to the heart of digital cultures.

The exhibition offers an educational and playful exploration of digital cultures, through 30 creations mixing digital artworks, web documentaries, video games and augmented reality experiences. The exhibition is curated by Eric Boulo (creator and designer of cultural events) and Antonin Fourneau (digital artist). This exhibition is available for programming from November 2021 to November 2023.

Find out more about the Escape, a journey to the in the of digital cultures exhibition


Sélection VR

The Institut français offers more than 30 virtual reality works available to the network for non-commercial distribution in its spaces or those of its partners. This is a turnkey offer.

Classified into three themes: Fiction, Documentary, Arts and Heritage - the works in Sélection VR present, through their diversity of subject and form, a rich and varied representation of French creation in the field of virtual reality.

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The Micro-Folie project is built around a Digital Museum in collaboration with 12 founding national cultural institutions. Depending on the location chosen to host the Micro-Folie and the project designed for and with the inhabitants, several complementary modules can be added to the Digital Museum: a FabLab, a virtual reality space, a stage, a library/game library or a social space. The aim is to create a multiple activity space that is accessible and welcoming. 

Micro-Folies have been deployed in 18 Member States and will soon be delivered in 5 countries. 

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