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Focus on digital mediation and cultural innovation


Updated on 02/07/2019

In order to carry on with their action of fostering the development of digital creation and cultural innovation, the Institut français and the French cultural network abroad have invited approximately fifteen foreign professionals, from June 24th to June 28th 2019 in Paris and La Rochelle, to meet French actors in the field of digital mediation and cultural innovation. 


Focus is a program developed by the Institut français where foreign professionals are invited to France, thanks to the cultural network abroad, with a specific cultural and artistic program organized for them. The aim is to enable the identification of French cultural contents and to encourage their international broadcasting. Focus programs also permit to emphasize the French creation and know-how, to open new markets for the French actors and to foster collaborations between professionals of a given field.  

In the field of mediation and cultural digital engineering, France benefits from legitimacy and acknowledgment linked to its history with regard to museums, heritage and tourism. Augmented guidance, augmented reality, video projection, interactive devices in museums, online experiences, interactive documentaries in virtual reality, etc. constitute a rich palette of services, devices and contents offerings, that involve new technologies and their usage, so as to enhance and make artistic and cultural creation, knowledge, tangible (major tourist sites) and intangible (French collections) heritage accessible. 

Many French companies abroad are often approached and French public institutions also frequently receive requests. This new Focus program is an opportunity to support the international development of French companies working in this field of digital mediation, to open new markets, to support international co-productions, to highlight the French cultural institutions expertise and to encourage partnerships between companies, French and foreign cultural institutions. 

This Focus will be organized in partnership with the international festival for digital cultures and storytelling PiXii, to be held in La Rochelle (June 24-27). On this occasion, the guests will be invited to meet French actors of digital mediation within the scope of a scouting path consisting of demonstrations, visits, professional meetings and networking times. The delegation will also be invited to discover in situ digital mediation projects, presented within Museums and cultural centers in Paris. The professional meetings will be proposed in Paris and La Rochelle in collaboration with PXN Expo College and the CLIC – Club Innovation & Culture France.

The foreign professionals invited in the frame of this program are museums & cultural centers directors, exhibition curators, stage designers, staff members in charge of mediation projects or of public development projects, as well as public and private decisionmakers involved in touristic and cultural development projects.


International Participants 



  • Christopher Till, CEO, Museum of apartheid
  • Ann-Young Maharaj, exhibition coordinator, Nelson Mandela Foundation  



  • Dorothée Bezançon, conseillère à la programmation, Quartier des spectacles partnership
  • Cheryl Blackman, Director, Museums & Heritage Services at the City of Toronto



  • Victor Fajnzylber Reyes, professor, researcher and executive director of the "Darwin en Chile: Immersive museum of evolution“ project



  • María Paula Martínez Concha, Chief of Media and Communications, Ministry of Culture



  • Matija Dronjic, curator and head of audiovisual of the ethnographic Museum of Zagreb



  • Javier Sainz de los Terreros, Digital Communication Specialist, Prado Museum



  • Zsófia Ruttkay , professor, founder and director of the Techlab of the Art and Design University Moholy-Nagy                       



  • Lilian Lai Lai Chan, senior manager, K11 Arts foundation



  • Kazutoshi Tsuda, researcher, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]



  • Gulnara Makhmetova, head of the international relations department, National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan



  • Goran Sadikario, CEO of the Holocaust Memorial Center



  • Fatima Bintou Rassoul Sy, head of the mediation and cultural animation department, Museum of black civilizations



  • Dominik Mendelin, digital educator, House of Electronic Arts (HeK) of Basel



  • Daniel Golling,  curator, ArkDes, the National Centre for Architecture and Design



  • Alina Chia-Hui Lin, head of administration division, C-Lab – Laboratoire de culture contemporaine

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