La Collection
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La Collection overview: a new artistic offering for the French cultural network overseas


Updated on 18/11/2019

This initiative, created in 2019 by the Institut français, highlights contemporary French creation by offering key, light and modular offerings for Alliances françaises, Instituts français, binational centres and French high schools abroad.

The first version brought together 67 proposals from 42 partner institutions, such as the Centre Dramatique de Caen (Caen Centre for Dramatic Art), La Villette, the Cité du Patrimoine et de l’Architecture (City of Architecture and Heritage), and the Maison de la Danse de Lyon (Lyon House of Dance). It covered all the disciplines and sectors within the DDCA (the Artistic Development and Co-operation Department). It has been proposed that the next versions of “La Collection” will be adjusted to achieve a 360° “lightness”, in order to meet the diversity of expectations and needs of the network.


For this first year, 32 projects were submitted as part of the call for proposals. They have all been selected, for a total allocated amount of 207,720 euros. Some proposals have been requested several times, such as La Fuite d'Olivier Meyrou (Olivier Meyrou’s Flight) by the Le Montfort Theatre: three tours representing 38 dates are planned in Germany, Lebanon and Chile. The “France eMotion” exhibition presented by Atout France in partnership with the Institut français will be presented in five countries: Panama, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, Kosovo and Australia. Combining photographs of French heritage sites with augmented reality animations, it has already won over many visitors.

La Fuite by Olivier Meyrou
© Luis Conde
La Fuite by Olivier Meyrou

Among the sectors represented in the first call for projects, the following trends have emerged:

  • 10 visual arts projects
  • 10 circus projects
  • 7 theatre projects
  • 4 dance projects
  • 1 music project


With regard to the geographical distribution of the projects, the five continents are represented as follows:

  • 10 projects in Latin America
  • 6 projects in Asia
  • 6 projects in Africa
  • 5 projects in Europe
  • 3 projects in the Middle East
  • 2 projects in Oceania


In the end, the selected projects have generated 127 dates in 24 countries and 85 cities. It has proved a great success for this first edition.

A new call for projects is already open until 29 November 2019 for projects that will take place in 2020.