PAMS Séoul

Performing Arts Market Seoul

Updated on 28/09/2022

For this new edition devoted to the relationship between arts and sustainable development, the Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) is taking place from 26 to 29 September in Seoul and Busan.

PAMS 2022 is the opportunity for artists, artistic groups, producers, festivals, venues and institutions to talk about sustainable artistic ecosystems, international mobility and art circulation, and to identify new and alternative directions.

In addition, this year PAMS is presenting the PAMS Season for the first time. Under the theme of "dance", the PAMS 2022 season is working with the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company (KNCDC), Seoul International Dance Festival (SIDance) and Seoul Dance Center (SDC) in Seoul, as well as the Busan International Dance Market (BIDAM) in Busan.

In partnership with the Institut français, two French schedulers are invited to take part in the discussions and presentations that will be held on various themes, such as collaborations and networking. They are Béatrice Horn, Artistic adviser at the Maison de la danse in Lyon, and Emmanuelle de Varax, Director of Productions and Tours at the Théâtre national de Chaillot.