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Cultural and creative industries: a priority mission internationally

Members of French diplomatic network / French professionals
As part of its support for developing French cultural and creative industries internationally, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and its cultural network internationally are taking action through a “CCI prioritaire mission” given to 37 embassies of strategic territories for exporting CCI.

A CCI priority mission conveyed by the cultural network abroad


4 actions serving professionals

  • Production and provision of resources and cartographies on CCI markets internationally.
  • Implementing sectorial actions serving professionals for their development internationally.
  • Support for French CCI communication and promotion on the international scene.
  • Designation of CCI correspondents in embassies to accompany professionals.

CCI export: a priority for the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

The cultural and creative sectors represent a high-profile sector in the national economy: 640,000 permanent jobs, 91 billion euros in turnover in 2018, and dynamic exportations which grew two times faster on average than all French exports from 2013 to 2016. It is a strategic sector, with high growth potential and employment: international consumption of cultural offers and services is highly developing, thanks to digital broadcasting and significant cultural buying power becoming apparent in several regions around the world.

CCI are major tools increasing reach around the world that are priority at the centre of the French influence strategy internationally. Since 2015 the CCI have been part of the public export support system, structured into priority “families” (agri-food industry, sustainable city, health, renewable energies, CCI).

The CCI priority family for export, for which Jean-Noël Tronc (Director General of the SACEM) is the unifier, aims to reinforce French CCI visibility internationally by developing synergies between the sectors and reinforcing coordination between public and private players. As part of the 2nd strategic committee of the CCI priority family, 37 embassies have been designated for drawing up an action plan in favour of the CCI for the 2020-2022 period.