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Accès Culture

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Accès Culture is a programme co-sponsored by the French Development Agency (FDA) and the Institut français aiming to finance and support cultural projects in Africa in order to foster social ties and strengthen collaboration between African and French cultural agents.
The programme seeks to partner civil society organisations (CSOs) with locally or regionally operated cultural establishments (conservatories, public art schools, etc.) who will then present a joint proposal for a project responding to a local need.
Terms and conditions

This year, there is only one financing possibility. 

* Partner projects lasting one year eligible to receive up to €15,000 per year. This funding will be subjected to another call for applications in 2022. 

The granted amounted may not surpass 50% of the project’s overall budget.

Partners must co-fund at least 50% of their proposed projects (with either cash or securities) from a source other than the Institut français or the AFD.


For all the modalities of this call, please refer to the guidelines (french / english / portuguese).




19 April 2021: Call for applications will be launched

24 may 2021: Deadline to submit an application

Late June 2021: Review of applications

Mid July 2021: Grant recipients will be announced






Accès Culture Project Manager

Mission de coopération culturelle Afrique et Caraïbes  / Département Développement et Coopération Artistiques

Eligible entities

Eligible candidates are partnerships rooted in equal cooperation and an exchange of good practice between one French and one African entity.

Eligible entities include: associations, foundations, locally or regionally run cultural public establishments having been in operation for at least two years.

The Accès Culture programme also encourages revitalising cooperation between existing partners.

Eligible projects

Eligible projects feature cultural cooperation and are oriented around community arts outreach (awareness and arts education, initiation into a specific art medium, organisation of artistic get-togethers, etc.).

The primary goal is to strengthen social ties in Africa by bringing the arts closer to individuals who would otherwise have limited access to such cultural exposure due to their social, economic, cultural and/or geographic background or because of their gender or a disability.

Lauréats Accès Culture 2020 - projets annuels
Lauréats Accès Culture 2020
Lauréats Accès Culture 2020 - projets tri-annuels
Lauréats Accès Culture 2020

Through its involvement in the Accès Culture programme, the Conseil Presidentiel pour l’Afrique supports cultural operators from Africa and the Diaspora in France, ambassadors of the common imagination between Africa and France.

The laboratory Les Afriques dans le monde (African Diasporas Chair) is a partner of the Accès Culture programme through a research project on the active citizenship of the African diasporas in France through the prism of cultural entrepreneurship.