Anne Le Troter
© François Moura

Anne Le Troter

  • Japon
From 1 February 2020 to 31 May 2021
Anne Le Troter is a Villa Kujoyama 2020 residency programme laureate.


Anne Le Troter (1985) is an artist based in Paris. It was after writing two books, “L’encyclopédie de la matière” and “Claire, Anne, Laurence” that she started to work by cycle, on how group language appeared defined by adding expositions together (often sound pieces), which ultimately resulted in written pieces. This is how Anne Le Troter invites groups of people such as ASMR artists to work with her (“L’appétence”, sound piece, 2016 Salon de Montrouge Prize and the Palais de Tokyo). After having worked on as sort of alienating speech – through a cycle of sound installations focussing on telephone pollsters, a cycle spread out over two personal exhibitions and one collective (“Les mitoyennes” at La BF15 in 2015, “Liste à puces” at the Palais de Tokyo in 2017 and “Les silences après une question” at the Institut d’Art Contemporain in Villeurbanne in 2017 – today Anne Le Troter’s work takes the route of a kind of anticipation.  Invited by the Pernod Ricard foundation, the Biennale de Rennes, the Le Grand Café contemporary arts centre in Saint Nazaire, the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas and the Pompidou Centre, the artist undertakes a new cycle of writing around the notion of biography, fiction and utopia regarding audio archives that sperm banks produce, gauge of a form of redefinition of our society.



Residency Project

Departing from the fiction that speech has become a service that’s paid for and that to arm yourself we’ll have to rent the words we use, Anne Le Troter came to think of what it is to take on the words of others when they don't exist.

Anne Le Troter takes an interest in questions linked to the creation of an individual mindset with political, psychological and economic gains. Imaginary friends are sold and bought, can substantiate a state of the world for whoever wants to hear it; imaginary friends and other as well as websites like Bookafriend, Clientpartners or Family Romance demonstrate who give their clients the opportunity to rent affect. It is possible to be yelled at, to be made a fuss off or to apologise for someone else for example.

Based on the scenario of these websites, Anne Le Troter plans to show a behind closed doors session with the people involved in these websites, friends to rent, to consider together the space in our heads, our skulls, our thoughts like stages, scenes in which the characters intervene through speech. We will consider speech like so many organs to make a heart beat and experience a completely fabricated physical mindset.

Anne Le Troter - Parler de loin ou bien se taire (2019), pièce sonore, 20 min, Installation Matériaux divers, dimensions variables Production Le Grand Café – Centre d’art contemporain, Saint-Nazaire © Marc Domage
Anne Le Troter - Liste à puces (2017), pièce sonore, 15 minutes Installation Matériaux divers, dimensions variables Production Palais de Tokyo © Aurélien Mole
Anne Le Troter - MARTAGUEULE (2019), installation vidéo, 15 minutes Production Palais de Tokyo « Futur, ancien, fugitif » © Claire Moulène