Collectifs d'artistes
Carton d'invitation à l'exposition Vouveuvé, une proposition du collectif W @ Les Sheds (Pantin) du 20/10 au 12/11/2017 © Ana Braga, Clément Roche

Artist Collective Residencies

Call for applications open
From 3 July 2019 to 10 September 2019
French professionals
This scheme is intended for the Collectives of French Artists and Creators – or those domiciled in France for more than five years – who wish to undertake a research and experimentation project in the countries of the European Union for a period of one to two months.
Call for applications open until 10/09/2019

The residence is described as a process of immersion in a "different" environment with a view to exchanging, sharing and putting an artistic experience into practice.

The term "collective" refers to a group working using a collaborative and knowledge-sharing approach..