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City of Nantes Convention + Institut Français - Call for projects 2020

From 1 October 2019 to 30 October 2019
French professionals
The City of Nantes and the Institut Français have signed a three-year agreement for the period 2019-2021, the aim of which is to increase cultural exchanges between the cultural organisations of the City of Nantes and its partners abroad.
As part of this partnership, the Institut français and the City of Nantes are launching a call for projects for 2020.

Applications are closed
Terms and conditions

Eligible organisations and individuals

Associations, local authorities and companies, as well as individual artists (for the latter, it is desirable that an organisation provides administrative monitoring of the project) located in Nantes.


Selection criteria


The signatories agree on the following project assessment criteria:

· Parity

· Quality and artistic interest of the project

· Place of the project in the artistic and professional development of the artist: place of the project in the search for the artist, in the opening up of new areas, in the development of new practices, in the construction of creative exchanges etc.

· Renewal of the beneficiaries of the City of Nantes/Institut français agreement

· International development strategy

· Quality of international partnerships


Particular attention will be paid to artistic emergence as well as to projects meeting parity objectives and falling within the geographical priorities of the City of Nantes and its metropolis as well as the geographical priorities of the Institut français. As far as possible, the signatories will ensure a balance in the disciplines supported and the visibility of the project in Nantes.


The aid provided may not exceed 50% of the total project budget. The City of Nantes and the Institut français will therefore be attentive to the amounts of co-financing provided by the project sponsor and its partners, insofar as this support mechanism is not intended to be the main funder of the operation. A financial contribution, including a valuation, in the partner country of the project is also required.

The basis for calculating support will give priority to expenses relating to international, national and local transport, and artists' living expenses (accommodation and catering). The complete list of eligible expenses can be sent on request.



To submit an application for the 2020 call for projects, download the application form to be returned by email to the Institut français and the City of Nantes (contacts below).



Ville de Nantes / Direction générale à la culture – Mission Coopération culturelle internationale

Responsable de la Mission Coopération culturelle internationale

1, rue Affre

44000 NANTES

Tél : 02 40 41 94 30
Courriel :


Institut Français / Pôle Collectivité territoriales

Anne-Laure ROUXEL
Chargée de mission
8-14, rue du Capitaine Scott
75015 PARIS
Tel : 01 53 69 31 42
Courriel :



The City of Nantes and the Institut Français share the following objectives through this agreement:

• To strengthen support for international projects led by artistic teams and cultural structures in Nantes, in line with the cultural and international policies of the City of Nantes,

• To promote the artistic and professional development of Nantes-based cultural operators and artists, whether they be confirmed or emerging,

• To build on the geographic priorities of the City of Nantes and its metropolis and on its objectives to enhance attractiveness and influence, as well as international co-operation and solidarity,

• To promote artistic and cultural co-operation that contributes to sustainable, balanced and structuring exchanges and to the objective of promoting cultural diversity,

• To contribute to high-impact events such as the foreign culture seasons implemented by the Institut Français by promoting the hosting of Nantes artists within foreign organisations and by promoting the hosting of foreign productions within Nantes organisations.

Eligible disciplines


  • Visual arts
  • Photography and video
  • Illustration
  • Comics
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Circus, puppetry, street art, shadow and object theatre
  • Urban cultures
  • Contemporary music and jazz
  • Classical and contemporary music
  • Books, reading and translation
  • Promotion of the French language and speaking French
  • Discussion of ideas and intellectual exchanges
  • Cinema and documentaries
  • Digital
  • Scientific culture


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