ESCAPE Exhibition

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In 2021, the Institut français’ Digital Department is presenting ESCAPE, a new exhibition dedicated to digital cultures curated by Eric Boulo and Antonin Fourneau.

ESCAPE Exhibition: the digital revolution explored by creators

Escape will question the major stakes associated with digital cultures through the eyes of the digital creators. It will gather digital works (video games, web documentaries and fictional works, virtual reality contents, digital artworks, etc.) accessible to a wide audience (from 7 to 99 years old). 

To facilitate its circulation in the French cultural network venues, the exhibition will be dematerialized, modular and adaptable. 


Three sections - a history of the internet / the data war / digital humanities - will explore the major concepts of the digital revolution: #web, #socialnetworks, #algorithms, #data, #GAFAM, #hackers, #makers, #fakenews, #artificialintelligence, #transhumanism ... to better understand these upheavals and experience them with a different perspective! 


A complete exhibition kit, which will include suggestions for workshops and mediation will be made available to the cultural network. 


More informations to come.