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European Film Factory : european platform for film education

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In 2019, the European Commission launched a call for proposals through the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe to promote film education across Europe. The consortium behind the European Film Factory project, led by the Institut français, has received a €1 million grant from the European Union. European Film Factory is an innovative and pragmatic response to support film education in Europe.
From August 26th 2020, European Film Factory will give students aged 11 to 18 and teachers from all countries participating in the Creative Europe programme free access to a catalogue of ten films from Europe's film heritage online from 1954 to 2014.

The project consists of

  • a platform accessible across Europe on all media (computer, tablet, smartphone) and in 8 languages (English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Spanish) for teachers and students via a free and secure system. The project also offers the possibility of organising school screenings in cinemas with project partners. 
  • a selection of European films that have marked the history of cinema and that are accessible, attractive and resonate with the younger generation. All films are subtitled in the 8 languages. 
  • innovative, interactive and cross-curricular pedagogy thanks to comprehensive pedagogical guides that accompany the films and interactive tools accessible to both teachers and students to create excerpts and mind maps. Through their account, students have the opportunity to discover and engage with the films. 

The ambition of the project is

  • to raise awareness among the younger generations of cinema as an Art and as a vector of European history, values and issues 
  • to enable teachers to engage with cinema as an educational subject and object
  • to renew cinema audiences and introduce the diversity of European cinema
  • to increase interest in film education in Europe



The Institut français, the project leader, experienced in European Film Education, has surrounded itself with two partners at the forefront of digital innovation in schools: ARTE Education, a subsidiary of the European television channel behind the digital educational service Educ'Arte, and European Schoolnet, a non-profit organisation that brings together thirty-four ministries of education in Europe.

Within the project, the Institut français, in addition to coordination, is responsible for the selection and acquisition of films and communication. ARTE Education develops the platform and participates in the creation of the interactive pedagogical tools on the model of Educ'ARTE's tools. European Schoolnet coordinates the creation of pedagogical kits designed by European teachers and will be in charge of lobbying for film education.