France Danse
Twerk, de Chaignaud-Bengolea, présenté dans le cadre de FranceDanse en 2013 en Italie et en 2014 à New York © Jean-Marie Legros



FranceDanse Programme

Foreign professionals
Organised in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Communication, FranceDanse offers a partner or collective of partners in a city or country the chance to create a “showcase” of French dance.

The FranceDanse editions showcase French choreography. Launched in Europe in 2007, they were then rolled out in Asia, Oceania, North America and Latin America. 

FranceDanse events allow a partner or group of partners in a city or country to create a "showcase" of French dance with 5, 10 or 20 companies, over a limited time period (one to six weeks). These events provide greater visibility for artists and aim to develop lasting relationships with the host country by promoting exchanges between French and foreign artists.

Through solo, duo or group pieces scheduled in major national theatres or experimental venues and meetings with the public, FranceDanse provides exposure to emerging artists and independent companies not yet widely known abroad.