Fabrique des traducteurs
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French language

La Fabrique des traducteurs (The Translator factory)

Foreign professionals
The Translator Factory creates a network of young professional translators into the world's major languages.
In the form of workshops each focused on French and one another language, the Translator Factory brings together 6 young translators for 10 weeks under the leadership of experienced translators: three young foreign translators and three young French translators work in tandem, each benefiting from the input of a native speaker of the language being translated. Work in pairs alternates with plenary sessions and meetings with publishing professionals. The texts translated during the workshop are read to the public at the closing event. A bilingual anthology is published and distributed to publishing professionals.
Implemented by the International College of Literary Translators in Arles, the Translator Factory has been supported by the Institut français since 2010. It allows for the renewal and development of the network of professional translators by creating a core of translators of the same generation. In the longer term, the Factory encourages the identification and emergence of institutions that support the work of translators in their country, and the creation of new partnerships.