Marie Labarelle
© Armelle Bouret

Marie Labarelle

  • Japon
From 2 September 2020 to 28 December 2020
Marie Labarelle is a Villa Kujoyama 2020 residency programme laureate.


Marie Labarelle launched her clothes brand in 2005, by developing techniques that enhance the fabrics through creating volume, which is also a reminder of her training as an architect. In the course of creating 27 collections of women’s clothes, her search for colour was drawn from non-polluting plant dyes she brought back from her trips, whereas she developed her practices with artisans from France and Asia. In June 2018, alongside Japanese artisans she took part in the Savoir, Tradition et Innovation show organised by the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Marie Labarelle’s vocation is to create clothes that show the connection between the body and landscape with a view to caring for the environment and its resources.


Residency Project

Thirty-five centimetres of possibilities

This is also the view in which Marie Labarelle brings the Zero waste approach to Villa Kujoyama by offering a range of clothes adapted to the size of rolls of Japanese fabric which are 35cm wide. This size and challenge are closely linked to traditional kimono-making, even though it may seem to be an obstacle to use and sale today.

Marie Labarelle wanted to work with Japanese craftspersons by designing clothes patterns that respect this narrow width, favour Japanese traditional textiles and inspire more ethical practices for the fashion industry.

Marie Labarelle : Chemisier Fontaine (2020) © Armelle Bouret
Marie Labarelle : Veste Soleil (2020) ©Armelle Bouret
Marie Labarelle : Jupe Chimère (2020) © Armelle Bouret
Marie Labarelle : Veste Lava (2020) © Armelle Bouret