Marion Augustin
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Marion Augustin

From 23 August 2020 to 28 August 2020
Marion Augustin is laureate 2020 of the VR writing residency of the French Institute and of the VR Arles festival.


Marion Augustin is a specialist in cultural mediation, author of documentary editorial content for innovative audiovisual productions or publishings.

She has written several scenarios including a 3D sound tour for the Abbaye aux Dames, musical city, in Saintes (2017) as well as a sound journey to discover the historical heritage of a district of the city of Montauban, Explore Montauban (2019), associated with a digital comic and games in augmented reality for smartphones.

With the digital experience production company Mosquito, she wrote the screenplay for a digital comic for the Musée Curie (Paris), the Curie Method, to popularize the method developed by Marie and Pierre Curie for the discovery of radium and polonium.

As an author, Marion works with Éditions Casterman for the collection "tout en BD", Histoire de l'art. She also collaborates with Gründ Editions for which she has written illustrated biographies combining unpublished archives and photographs.

She has recently written scripts and co-directed audiovisual tours in heritage places with the production company Narrative.

Marion Augustin is currently designing and writing the screenplay for a VR experience, Hauteville House, Victor Hugo in Exile (production: Narrative and Art of Corner).

Marion Augustin is graduated from ESCP, Sciences-Po Paris and the National School of Art of Paris-Cergy.

Residency project

Hauteville House is an intimate and sensitive adventure that invite you to an immersive experience in the incredible Victor Hugo's house where he lived during the last fourteen years of his exile in Guernsey. Through this house, it is an invitation to meet Victor Hugo in a different way. The House acts as a physical, visual and sound revelation of Victor Hugo's thought.

The hyper-realistic rendering of photogrammetry will plunge the spectator into the heart of Hauteville House, where he will be guided by Victor Hugo's voice.

Exploring Hauteville House, which "embodies" Victor Hugo, is entering his body, feeling the pulsations of his heart, to hear his voice. Writings, letters, speeches, notes, correspondence, etc.: Marion Augustin dives into the depths of Hugo's archives to create a narrative path to make the voice of the great writer heard as faithfully as possible.

Hauteville House / Marion Augustin © DR
Hauteville House / Marion Augustin © DR
Hauteville House / Marion Augustin © DR
Hauteville House / Marion Augustin © DR