Libre - Michel Toesca
Libre de Michel Toesca © DR

Populations and migrations Series

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Population movements can be caused by the need to escape civil or military ethnic and religious conflict, and by the search for a better future elsewhere.
Filmmakers reveal other aspects of migration: the intimate dimension of these uprootings, the desire to integrate, the desire to welcome, and the intercultural exchanges possible. Cinema can bear witness to the intimate or geopolitical changes brought about by encounters with the other and never ceases to question our relationship to identity, culture and ethics.
The topic of immigration has inspired filmmakers significantly in recent years. Migratory pathways fascinate the cinema, and cinema, in turn, shapes our idea of migration.

Libre by Michel Toesca (2018)

Prendre le large by Gaël Morel (2017)

Vent du nord by Walid Mattar (2017)

Les avalés du grand bleu by Maxime Kossivi Tchincoun (2014)

Brûle la mer by Maki Bucoache (2014)

Hippocrate by Thomas Lilti (2014)

Hope by Boris Lojkine (2014)

La Cour de Babel by Julie Bertuccelli (2013)

Retour à Ithaque by Laurent Cantet (2013)

La Pirogue by Moussa Touré (2012)

Comme un lion by Samuel Collardey (2012)

Les Éclats by Sylvain George (2011)

Le Havre by Aki Kaurismaki (2010)

Noire ici, blanche là-bas by Claude Haffner (2009)

La Traversée by Elisabeth Leuvrey (2006)

Tanger,  le rêve des brûleurs by Leila Milani (2002)