Carole Douillard : Alive, Kabylie-Californie 1979-2016
© Henri & Carole Douillard

Résidences sur mesure (Custom Residencies)

From 16 September 2019 to 9 November 2019
French professionals / Foreign professionals
Custom Residencies allow French artists or foreign artists residing in France to carry out and/or deepen their pursuit of personal research in order to conduct the project of their choice, abroad, in the countries indicated.
Applications are closed

The Institut français provides personalised support depending on the project. The selected candidates will be required to organise their stay with the Residencies Division.

Upon returning from the residency, the research carried out may be subject to presentation on the Institut français website or at professional meetings. With the goal of providing better support to artists, Custom Residencies are set up each year, on a rotating basis (subject to the establishment’s budgetary policies).

After the visual arts in 2019, the disciplines considered for residencies in 2020 are:

* Performing arts / Music