S'il vous play !
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« S'il vous play ! » (Please Play !) Exhibition

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Sometimes thought of as pure entertainment, video games actually offer a great wealth of writing and variety of format. In the shadow of the most visible products there exists a multitude of highly original games, the diversity of which is not incomparable to that of independent cinema or alternative comic books. And French creatives are often forerunners in the exploration of this still-young medium.

Through the PLEASE PLAY! exhibition, the Institut français allows audiences to discover some of these creations, whether they be commercial productions from independent studios that are already well-established or "auteur" games, experimental, intimate, socially-aware, sometimes developed in just a few days - but always innovative.

The aim of this exhibition, the layout of which is light and flexible, is to offer the cultural network a variable corpus of works that will find new audiences internationally.