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Digital creation

The digital transformation of international cultural and linguistic action

Members of French diplomatic network
Since its creation, the Institut français has placed digital technology at the heart of its cultural and linguistic action strategy. The creation of platforms and websites are proof of this, as is the development of its programming and the multiplication of shared cultural content, in the service of the dissemination and promotion of French language and culture.

In a societal context marked by the health and economic crisis of 2020, the tools and platforms of the Institut français, alongside those developed by the French cultural network, have contributed to the digital transformation of the resources available to cultural actors worldwide.
Distance learning courses, online debates and conferences, webinars, virtual professional meetings, films, books, music downloads, production and provision of digital cultural content, etc., have been implemented to ensure educational continuity and the maintenance of international cultural exchanges.

To meet the needs identified in the context of the network's digital transformation and in line with the guidelines of the roadmap drawn up in 2021, the Institut français has designed a global offer for all establishments: SCAC, Instituts français, Alliances françaises, bi-national centres.


This offer is made up of three main areas in order to support the positions as closely as possible:

  • Deployment of a strengthened digital offering, easier to understand with improved user pathways;
  • Supporting the network in implementing digital strategies;
  • Strengthening the content on offer to support the cultural and linguistic programming in the institutions.   

Overview of the actions and resources proposed by the Institut français in 2022

  • Providing the network with high-performance digital tools

The Institut français is deploying a reinforced digital offering in 2022, in order to guarantee network members a quality digital working environment. The user pathway will be made clearer and more accessible.


  • Supporting the network in implementing digital strategies

Following on from the actions implemented in 2021, the Institut français is developing an offer to support the understanding of digital environments, particularly in terms of expertise and training.


  • Strengthening the content offering in support of the cultural and linguistic programming of institutions

The Institut français provides the network's establishments with a large number of digital cultural resources to support their programming and is committed to strengthening the existing offer.​​​​​​​

In 2021

the Institut français supported the digital transformation of the network by:

  • programming a training programme on the challenges of digital technology and the mastery of its tools and uses;
  • financial support for the professionalisation of teams in each national network;
  • support for the cultural network in the transformation of course centres and linguistic and educational cooperation activities in the wake of the health crisis: implementation of strategies for the deployment of distance learning offerings for course centres, production of tools and expertise;
  • the development and production of digital content and programming. The Institut français wishes to promote its own digital productions, but also those of the network and its partners. This will enable it to publish digital resources on its platforms to support cultural programming and encourage sharing with and within the network.

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