L’offre culturelle de l’Institut français pour l’enseignement du et en français (catalogue)
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French language

The Institut français’ cultural resources for French-language education

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The Institut français provides a catalogue featuring cultural resources for French-language education to the cultural network abroad.

The promotion of French through cultural actions is part of the Institut Français’ strategy for modernising our language's image and creating new audiences. Placing contemporary French-language cultural productions at the centre of French-language education contributes both to the attractiveness of our language and to promoting the cultural output of non-European French-speaking cultures. 

The offerings presented in this catalogue explore different artistic and cultural fields, giving teachers access to innovative and motivating tools for all audiences, starting as young as 3 years old. Designed for easy distribution, they are modular and can be fully or partially incorporated into courses teaching French as a foreign language, French as a second language and non-language subjects taught in French. 

These offerings are intended to be presented in institutions belonging to the international cultural network - Alliances Françaises, Institut Françaises and Binational Cultural Centres - and as part of educational or linguistic projects in cooperation with local partners and authorities.