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The Publication Assistance Programmes

Call for applications open
From 16 June 2021 to 6 August 2021
Members of French diplomatic network
The Publication Assistance Programmes support the work of foreign publishers wishing to include in their catalogue, either in a translated version or in an original version of the texts of French-speaking authors, initially published in France on behalf of the publisher.
Call for applications open until 06/08/2021
Terms and conditions


Foreign publishers Interested foreign publishers are invited to contact the person in charge of books at their local Institut français and/or the cultural department of the French Embassy, who will support them in their requests for funding. Groups of publishers wishing to publish locally in French are invited to contact the Institut français.

Publication Assistance Programmes support the programming of Institut français around the world and their local partners, complementing the local Translation Assistance Programs managed by the Book Offices.

Since 1990, all these programmes, which strengthen the influence of French literature and thought across the world, have contributed to the translation of nearly 20,000 titles by French authors’ in 80 countries.