Plan d’appui à la formation
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The support plan for local training

From 1 October 2019 to 15 November 2019
Members of French diplomatic network
The plan, launched in 2013, is part of the measures implemented by the Training Division of the Institut français network (Department of network coordination) to support the professionalisation of agents within the French cultural network, whatever structure they are affiliated with (Institut française, Alliance française, SCAC) or status they hold (French expatriate, local employee, international volunteer).

This plan helps support agents involved with organising local training by providing them with financial support as well as advice on content and choice of service providers.
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Ce plan contribue à accompagner les postes dans l’organisation de formations locales en leur apportant un appui financier ainsi que des conseils sur les contenus et le choix des prestataires.

En 2020, son périmètre est adapté pour correspondre aux besoins de développement des compétences dans le cadre notamment du déploiement de la démarche qualité.