Villa Kujoyama (Japon)
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Visual arts
Arts & Crafts
Digital creation
Street Arts / Circus / Puppetry

The Villa Kujoyama

From 15 January 2024 to 15 February 2024
French professionals / Foreign professionals
Villa Kujoyama is open to established artists and creative people, as well as to scientists working in partnership or in tandem with artists, who are carrying out an original and unique research project that requires a period of immersion and research in Japan. The project must have a link with local issues and be capable of stimulating an active dialogue with local stakeholders.
In 2025, Villa Kujoyama will host around fifteen laureates for research residencies lasting between four and six months.
Applications may be submitted by solo candidates, pairs or Franco-Japanese pairs. The selection process involves experts and professionals from each of the disciplines concerned.
The Villa Kujoyama call for applications is open until midnight on 19 February 2024.
Applications are limited to 250 projects.
Applications are closed

The Villa Kujoyama offers three distinct programmes



a French or foreign candidate residing in France for at least 5 years presents a research and creation project.


two French or foreign candidates residing in France for at least 5 years present a joint project.


a French or foreign candidate who has been residing in France for at least 5 years in collaboration with a Japanese candidate residing in Japan presents a joint project.  

Relevant Disciplines

  • architecture
  • landscape
  • urban planning
  • street arts
  • circus / puppets
  • digital arts / digital production
  • visual arts
  • comics / graphic novels
  • film / video art
  • criticism and curation
  • dance / performance
  • design / graphic design
  • gastronomy
  • books
  • crafts
  • fashion
  • classical music / contemporary music / new music / jazz
  • photography
  • theatre
  • sciences

Villa Kujoyama

Built in 1992 by architect Kunio Kato on Higashiyama Mountain in Kyoto, Villa Kujoyama is the first French multidisciplinary research residency in Asia and is designed to strengthen intercultural dialogue between France and Japan. The laureates of Villa Kujoyama are called upon to establish working relationships with the professional, academic, artistic and cultural communities of Kyoto, the Kansai region and the entire archipelago. In order to do so, they can rely on the Villa Kujoyama team, on the collaborations established with the Japanese network in the academic, cultural and scientific circles and on the French cultural network in Japan, which, along with the Villa Kujoyama, is made up of the 5 branches of the Institut français du Japon (Fukuoka, Kyoto-Osaka, Tokyo, Yokohama, Okinawa), of the 4 Alliances françaises (Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai, Tokushima), and of a research institute (Tokyo).

2025 Laureates

  • ​​​​​Agathe CHARNET / Himono-onna 干物女: What to bring into the world today? in the Theater discipline, for a 5-month residency.
  • César DEBARGUE / Floating Clouds, in the Visual Arts discipline, for a 4-month residency.
  • Régis FLOURY / TARSIA A TOPPO & YOSEGI ZAIKU, in the Crafts discipline, for a 5-month residency.
  • Mark GEFFRIAUD / Traditional Japanese Architecture, a Contemporary Ecology, in the Visual Arts discipline, for a 6-month residency.
  • Maxime MARION and Émilie BROUT / moëra, in the Digital Creation discipline, for a 4-month residency.
  • Domitille MARTIN / Moving Worlds, in the Street Arts, Circus, Puppetry discipline, for a 4-month residency.
  • Théo MOUZARD and Marine ROYER / Post-architecture - Taking care and repairing in the face of disasters in Japanese rurality: from resource to place, from landscape to object, in the Architecture, Landscape, Urbanism discipline, for a 4-month residency.
  • Mona OREN / The Hazé Wax, a treasure to explore! in the Crafts discipline, for a 5-month residency.
  • Delphine PANIQUE / "Things that lose when painted" (provisional title), in the Comics discipline, for a 4-month residency.
  • Maël PÉNEAU / Mid-0, in the Contemporary Music and Jazz discipline, for a 4-month residency.
  • Martin PLANCHAUD / Shokudo, in the Gastronomy discipline, for a 5-month residency.
  • Grégoire SCHALLER and Darius DOLATYARI-DOLATDOUST / grieving, in the Dance discipline, for a 4-month residency.
  • Vincent TUSET-ANRÈS / Panorama of the Artist's Book in Japan / Traditional Know-how and Contemporary Practices, in the Design / Graphics discipline, for a 4-month residency.
  • Marion VIDAL / JEWEL-BAMBOO & other fashion accessories, in the Fashion discipline, for a 5-month residency.


The pre-selection committee was composed of :

  • The Executive Director of Villa Kujoyama
  • The Residencies Department and sector experts from the Institut français
  • Sector experts from the Ministry of Culture
  • Sector experts from the French Institute of Japan
  • Qualified personalities based in France and Japan

The final Franco-Japanese jury, chaired by Adèle Fremolle, Deputy Director of Villa Kujoyama, was made up of :

  • Charles-Henri Brosseau, Cultural Advisor and Director of the French Institute of Japan, and Samson Sylvain, Cultural Attaché and Head of the Art Department at the French Institute of Japan - representatives of the French Embassy in Japan.
  • Marine Demailly, Culture and Media Editor - representing the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs
  • Delphine Fournier, visual arts delegate - representative of the French Ministry of Culture
  • Chloé Fricout, Head of the “Residences” Department and Julie Ferrif, Project Manager for the “Residences” Department - representing the Institut français
  • Reiko Setsuda, curator at the Fondation Hermès
  • Aya Soejima, independent performing arts expert
  • Excused: Nicolas Vergneau, in charge of the residencies policy, creative third-party spaces and cross-functional programs to support creation.