VPC Salamata Kobré, 2020 - Quentin Bertoux © L'échangeur-CDCN
VPC Salamata Kobré, 2020 - Quentin Bertoux © L'échangeur-CDCN

Visas for Creation

Foreign professionals
Visas for Creation is a programme of the Africa and Caribbean Cultural Cooperation supports emerging artists in Africa and in the Caribbean through residencies on French soil. It allows its recipients to develop a creative or research project, for which they are provided with the requisite airfare, a residency grant of €1000 per month and repatriation insurance.
Terms and conditions

Every year, the Institut français supports around thirty artists, enabling them to take part in a residency on French soil (metropolitan France and French overseas territories) in cooperation with various cultural partners.


Who is this programme for ?

  • African artists or curators who are resident in Africa
  • Caribbean artists or curators who are resident in the Caribbean islands (excluding French overseas territories)



  • Artists may submit a research project dealing with a topic or theme of their choice, in any of the following fields : Architecture / landscape / town planning, visual arts, street arts / circus / puppetry, exhibiHon curaHon / art criHcism, digital arts, dance, design/graphic design, arHsHc professions, fashion, music (modern, jazz, classical, contemporary, for images), photography, mulHdisciplinary projects, theatre.


Residency conditions

Visas for Creation provides support for residencies of a duration of 2 months, which will allow recipients to extend their professional networks and encourage collaborations with French stakeholders.

The artists and curators must already have identified the partner residency for which they wish to apply through the Visas for Creation programme.

The artist residency must be connected to a professional institution such as :

  • CCN, CDN, national theatre, CDN, art centre, SMAC, etc.
  • Or one of the Institut français’ partner institutions 
  • Or be connected to a regional authority’s residency programme. Candidates may submit a project for a residency that will take place in metropolitan France or in a French overseas territory.