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VR Immersive Experiences catalogue

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The “VR Immersive Experiences” catalogue presents some forty original works at the intersection of virtual reality, live entertainment and visual arts. Available in English, it is designed to introduce partners of the cultural network (theatres, museums, cultural centres, art centres, festivals, shopping centres, etc.) to new kinds of shows and exhibitions – many of them collective and participatory – which meet a growing public demand for forms of entertainment and cultural offerings with a strong digital dimension.
Terms and conditions

This catalogue, designed to be widely distributed among foreign professionals, is available in English only.

Digital distribution – with access to teasers for works in particular – will be given priority, but this catalogue is also available upon request as a high-definition file for printing.

Distribution rights for these creations have not been negotiated by the Institut français. It is up to establishments in the cultural network and their partners to make contact with each producer or distributor (contact details included at the bottom of each sheet) to find out the terms for international distribution.

The Institut français kindly asks the cultural network to send the associated questionnaire to its partners (theatres, museums, cultural and art centres, entertainment venues, shopping centres, etc.) in order to identify these places and best understand their programmes, their capacity and their expectations for these new kinds of shows and exhibitions.

This information will be summarised and sent out to French professionals to help them develop and export their works internationally.


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A selection of original works, at the intersection of virtual reality, live entertainment and visual arts

For several years, the Institut français has supported key players in digital creation with their international development. It promotes partnerships and collaborations with all those around the world who are inventing and investing in this prolific creative field, with its ever-changing and evolving uses and practices. This includes cultural venues, festivals, producers and distributors, to name a few.

Taking a particular interest in the emergence of original and hybrid forms of creation that combine new technologies with different forms of artistic expression, the Institut français decided to assemble a catalogue bringing together a selection of original works, at the intersection of virtual reality, live entertainment and visual arts.


Practical summary sheets

This catalogue does not set out to be exhaustive, rather the selection aims to highlight the originality and diversity of these works, which meet a growing public demand for forms of entertainment and cultural practices with a strong digital dimension.

Each work is presented in the form of a summary sheet describing the experience for audiences and specifying any technical conditions and the terms of use.


Developed for partners of the French cultural network abroad

Designed as a flagship product, this catalogue is aimed at partners of the cultural network (theatres, museums, cultural and art centres, festivals, entertainment venues, shopping centres, public and private decision-makers, etc.) who are keen to innovate, experiment and unearth the latest artistic expressions, or to attract new audiences by responding to changes in their cultural practices and new use forms brought about by the digital revolution.


Promoting the circulation and export of these hybrid forms

With the support of the cultural network, the Institut hopes that this catalogue will actively support the development of these hybrid forms, with a dual objective:

  • to encourage the distribution and promotion of these creations around the world;
  • to work towards building the sector and developing viable business operating models on an international scale.

Though widely praised by the public and critics at festivals, these works suffer from a lack of more long-term operating sites that would help introduce them to a wider audience and thereby guarantee a virtuous business model.

As such, the catalogue comes with a questionnaire aimed at the cultural venues identified by the cultural network, with a view to developing a better understanding of their capacity, their technical constraints, their programming methods and their expectations, in order to provide useful feedback to French professionals for developing their future projects.

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