A Room with a view
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A Room with a view

French professionals
In 2017, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, the French Consulate in San Francisco and the French American Cultural Society, in partnership with the Institut Français, launched "A Room with a View", a writing residency in San Francisco open to French authors who wish to undertake a writing project.

San Francisco, along with Berkeley, Oakland and Silicon Valley are names that light up our collective imagination. These places are an ever-changing territory that, from the gold rush to the digital revolution, from the “Beat Generation” to the hippie movement, have always been at the forefront of the reinvention of the world. Who better than a writer to grasp the oscillations of this multi-faceted landscape, deciphering its distortions and hidden upheavals?

During the stay, the writer is invited to contribute to the cultural exchange activities conducted by the cultural services of the French Embassy in the United States (seminars, public readings, meetings, writing workshops).