Cinéma d'animation : la French Touch
La Planète sauvage - René Laloux © DR

"Animated cinema" Exhibition

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The Institut français joined forces with ARTE for the international promotion of the exhibition "Animated Cinema – The French Touch” (“Cinéma d’animation – La French Touch”), inspired by the work of the same name by Laurent Valière (Editions de la Martinière). A rare opportunity for the French cultural network around the world and its many local partners to offer the public an illustrated overview of the history of animated cinema in France, from the pioneers of the early twentieth century to today’s creators, from its major players and movements to its various techniques.
French animation, its diversity, its creativity and the vitality of its schools, creators, studios, festivals, etc. today constitute a sector recognised for its excellence - 3rd in the world in terms of production and 1st in Europe in terms of distribution- which also attracts international attention and collaborations.
This exhibition can go alongside projects related to animated cinema, whether the cultural distribution of recent feature films in countries where these films do not have distributors, the circulation of series’ focused on the work of major artists (such as Michel Ocelot, Jean-François Laguionie, Sylvain Chomet, etc.) or selections of short films (such as the Best of the Animation school network – RECA, the Ecole des Gobelins, the Annecy Film Animation Festival, etc.) or even the global promotion over the past six years, in partnership with the French Association of Animated Cinema –AFCA, of the Fête du cinéma d’animation, an event which brings together programming and demonstrations from nearly 50 countries each October.
Terms and conditions

The (digital) exhibition consists of 24 equally-sized panels (60x90) to be printed out, along with an editorial panel.