Collectifs d'artistes
Carton d'invitation à l'exposition Vouveuvé, une proposition du collectif W @ Les Sheds (Pantin) du 20/10 au 12/11/2017 © Ana Braga, Clément Roche

Artist Collective Residencies

From  3 July 2018  to  13 September 2018
French professionals
This scheme is intended for the Collectives of French Artists and Creators – or those domiciled in France for more than five years – who wish to undertake a research and creation project in the countries of the European Union for a period of one to two months. The term "collective" refers to a group working using a collaborative and knowledge-sharing approach.

The residence is described as a process of immersion in a "different" environment with a view to exchanging, sharing and putting an artistic experience into practice.
Applications are closed

 The Institut français provides personalised support tailored to the projects selected. The Collectives selected will be required to organise their stay with the Residencies Division.

Upon returning from the residency, the research carried out may be subject to presentation via the Institut français website or at professional meetings.