AIF 2018
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Les Ateliers de l'Institut français (The Institut français workshop)

From  17 April 2019  to  25 May 2019
Members of French diplomatic network
The Institut français Ateliers are a major event on the Institut français's annual calender, offering a real opportunity for the French cultural network abroad and the Institut français to exchange and reflect together.

Made up of plenary sessions, workshops and trade fairs focused on a topical theme, they are a special moment for representatives from the network, our partners and the Institut français staff to come together.
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The eighth Institut français Ateliers took place on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th July at the Palais de Tokyo, a vibrant hub for today's artists and the largest centre for contemporary artistic creation in Europe. The theme of this edition was "Learning, Communicating, Creating: languages and cultures in action."

By presenting his goals for the French language and multilingualism to the Académie française on 20th March 2018, the President of the Republic sent a strong political message to French-speaking citizens from all over the world, introducing an open, pluralistic and multi-polar conception of the French-speaking world (often known as the “Francophonie”) and displaying a ground-breaking desire to support the vitality of the language internationally. The promotion of multilingualism and intercultural education represents a specific challenge when it comes to the dissemination of languages, including French, in a context of globalisation where the risks of cultural standardisation and the retreat into closed identity groups are real. 

 “Today, what we call the “Francophonie” is not this uncertain space peripheral to a central France, rather it is the French language itself that has become the centre of all the nations and peoples where it has put down roots in all its astounding variety. " Emmanuel Macron, 20th March 2018