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Run jointly by the Institut français and CFI, Safirlab is aimed at young people aged 20 to 30 from 9 countries in North Africa and the Middle East (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Territories).

The right to education, awareness of health issues, the creation of citizen-led media, women's rights, etc. Throughout the Arab world, young people are working to develop their societies, improve their daily lives and promote freedom of expression. Since 2012, SafirLab, the Institut français and CFI laboratory for change, has been supporting these young actors from evolving societies.

Designed as an "accelerator" programme for social innovation, SafirLab lets its participants benefit, in Paris, from the expertise of leading players in French civil society, to share their successful local experiences and to imagine new elements of their entrepreneurial or charitable projects.   In its three working languages, French, English and Arabic, the support offered by Safirlab includes workshops, one-on-one mentoring and individual meetings with companies, associations and institutions.

Through this personalised programme, participants are able to strengthen their skills, publicise their initiatives and enrich their network of contacts and partners.   Safirlab thus provides strategic support to tomorrow's leaders of the economic, social and cultural life of their countries.