Événement de la Nuit des idées 2018, au Luxembourg
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Project support
Public debate

The d'Alembert Fund

Members of French diplomatic network
The Alembert Fund, dedicated to network projects in the field of public debate, is divided into two complementary sections, “Science and Society” and “Politics and Current Events”.

The Alembert Fund is a call for proposals launched each year by the Institut français to support its public debate activities (roundtable, dialogues, forums, discussion series’) organised by the French cultural network abroad (Institut françaises, Alliances françaises, IFRE).

The public debates proposed as part of the Alembert Fund are defined according to thematic orientations which have been identified as strategic and within which French research has strong international expertise.

Distinct in this respect from events that are strictly academic, public debates must involve society at large in the discussions proposed and are designed according to a logic of partnership, involving local public and private partners, as well as speakers from different backgrounds who are likely to influence public decision-making (academics, entrepreneurs, think-tanks).