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The Quality Approach

Members of French diplomatic network
In a time of a profound change to linguistic balances of power and increased competition between countries in the field of cultural diplomacy, the French cultural network abroad constitutes a powerful tool for improving the international attractiveness of France. In order to strengthen the brand image of its constituent establishments, the Institut français (IF) implements a quality approach launched in 2011 by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, in partnership with the Alliance française Foundation (FAF).

Through carrying out a diagnostic examination, the commitment of an establishment from the French Cultural Network to the “quality approach” should lead to an improvement in strategic steering, the development of training offerings, the strengthening of the organisation and the performance of the establishment and its language centre, as well as improved mobilisation of the teams. However, the aim is not to rethink the entire operation of the establishment, but rather to improve clearly identified practices with the involvement of its various employees. In this sense, the quality approach is not an assessment exercise but a change management exercise. Although strongly encouraged, the application of the “quality approach” reference framework to the establishment is not mandatory. Institutions are invited to consider the document in whole or in part, depending on their context and the priorities identified locally.
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